Watching the waves crash and enjoying the sound it makes when it does. It’s relaxation level over 9000. Makes me reflect on the past couple of months and days, being on a holiday, all by myself.

I’m just looking at the water of the black sea and thinking: the sea is full of mysteries. Sometimes it shallow, but it can be very deep. It could be a nice temperature, or freezing cold. Sometimes the waves crash gently, and at other times they smash onto the beach. It can be fun, but dangerous as well. The sea is full of secrets, no one really knows.

I do identify with the sea. I don’t think there’s a person on this living earth that knows the true me. Even I don’t. My life is full of the best highs and the worst lows. There’s not really an in-between. Or is that the phase i’m going through now? The phase in which I try to get peace with myself, love myself and be happy. Truly happy and not just smiley face happy.

How? I actually have no idea.

The only thing I know is that I don’t feel like going home and face my crazy life. Here, I’m Charlie with the American accent that doesn’t give a flying fart about what people think of her. At home, I’m the one trying not to hurt people while being hurt myself.

Conclusion: I’ll probably pop open the bottle of Champagne the reception got me for my birthday. Drunk text people I shouldn’t be texting and enjoy my 27th birthday. Still a couple of hours left in Bulgaria and I should make the most of it. Accept the fact that life isn’t always easy and that it’s not weird or crazy that I sometimes don’t know what to feel, think or do.

But first, CHAMPAGNE!!!


Charlie is Back

Sitting on a chair in my new living room, missing my couch. Thinking about how my life has changed in the last couple of months. How different my life was last year and the future that I envisioned. How funny it is that I feel closer to the girl that started this blog on March 4, 2012 and further from the March 2017 version of me.

Life has a strange way of surprising me and you know, I want all the girls out there to know that they are not alone in this single life thing. 'Cause yes, the last time I wrote a blog, I was a girl in a relationship. But the woman that is writing you today, is single again. And yes, I said woman, because I’m turning 27 in exactly one month from today.

But let’s go back in time a bit. It was March when life decided to surprise me, big time. The words ‘I wanna be alone’ made me feel like I was thrown off a cliff that I didn't even know I was on. I was hurt, badly hurt. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Lost 7kg in 3 weeks, which was nice! And much needed. Ever since I was in a relationship, the scale kept putting on weight! Clothes were getting too tight. Boobs were getting huge. Another plus, but so big that I could suffocate myself if I would fall asleep sitting up straight. Okay, I’m totally exaggerating now. Sorry about that.

I'm drifting off here. What I was trying to tell you was that my relationship ended and my life turned 180 degrees. From being a freshly graduated part of a Twix that had no job yet to a single woman with a new job. And new house. And a new car. Cause, why would life just surprise me with a breakup? I mean, facing challenges that come with a breakup when you live together, that’s so much more fun.

People called me crazy, when I decided not to move out immediately. Living together with the person that broke your heart can be one of the biggest challenges for your mental health. I took that by horns and said ‘Momma, didn’t raise a pussy’. I was not planning on moving out anytime soon and make his life easier, when he decided to mess up mine. I was not planning on becoming one of those girls that sleeps on the couch of their friends for ages, cries and eat all day. No, I decided that I was staying until I found a place that I was 100% happy with, within my budget and in the neighborhood that I wanted. Try to mess with me? I will show you, that I will dig my way through this mess towards success.

That’s what I did. I now live in a spacious apartment in the neighborhood I wanted and I still have enough money to spend on wine and clothes. How? You know the people that have their opinions and stuff? Ignore them. Everyone, literally everyone, called me crazy for putting up with him for months until I found my apartment. My parents tried to convince me of renting a more expensive apartment or move to another city or neighborhood, just to get me out of the house sooner. Sweet, but annoying. I know what I want and I am patient. I rather wait for something good, than have something crappy sooner. Think of how good a beer is on a hot summer day. But how AWESOME that same beer is, when it has been in the cooler for a couple of hours. That when you take a sip, the cold is travelling down your throat. That same satisfying feeling, is what I had when I got this apartment after facing that biggest challenge for 3,5 months.

Long story short: DO YOU! Everyone loves giving advice and they mean well, but YOU know what's best for YOU! Handle your struggles like you want to and not how you think you're supposed to.

Sweet dreams and I'll tell you more next week!

X, Charlie


Before you read any further, I just want to state the following: Everyone can be considered a hypocrite and this is just my point of view. As you know, on Charlie in the City, I just write stories from my point of view. You might disagree or agree.. but it’s just for the entertainment. Believe me, I know that everyone can be a hypocrite some times. 

You may continue.


Working in a shop allows you to meet thousands of different people. From the cute old people, that really want to learn about new technology because they also want to ‘Facebook’ with their grandchildren. To annoying teenagers who think they know more than you, but still need your help.

Today, I came across a new type of customer: the hypocrite.

He came in and asked my colleague about an Iphone 6 with a contract. So, my colleague started doing his job and told him some prices. This was the beginning of the end. Let’s call the customer mr. X. So, mr X then started to preach about how bad it is that we sell phones that are hand made by little kids in Asia who die while working. Wow. That escalated quickly, I thought. This was just his introduction to his ‘so called’ life lesson that he felt like teaching us.

Mr. X felt the need to stress that our company policy is corrupt. That we earn money on the backs of those little children. That the system of contracts for mobile phones and the fact that you sign a contract for an amount of call credit or internet usage was bad. That our company is drenched with the propaganda that exist in the United States and it should stay there. That our bank system is frizzed up. That we shouldn’t be thinking about the importance of money, but that we should do everything out of love. That there is going to be a big war, because every generation thus far has suffered the consequences of a war. That the dutch government is trying to steal our independence by giving us a social security number. That we should ditch that number because we didn’t chose to have a number at birth, but the states gives it to us. That the world is just frizzed up.

To conclude by saying these following sentences: Yeah, I actually just want to know the prices and stuff, because I want to make a television program about this. Oh and what is the price of the Iphone 6 without contract and with a contract? Because I already have a contract, but I think I need a new phone.


Did I say anything to this guy? No, I didn’t. When you start working in a shop, you learn not to go with discussions that are pointless. Even though, this was an interesting point of view that mr. X proposed, it was not really suitable for the setting I was in. So, I kept quiet. Till now.

Dear mr. X, 

I find your point of view very interesting and honestly, you have a point about some things. I know that the working conditions in some countries are poor and we should not buy stuff from factories that have their staff working like pigs. I get that. But why did you come to my shop to preach? I have to give you some credit, because you had the balls to do something a normal person wouldn’t do. But seriously, what did you think would come from you preaching? Did you think I would immediately start saving the world? Maybe you just wanted to fuel my brain with thoughts and might trigger some world savior in me. Maybe. Or did you have a hidden agenda and just wanted to make us feel bad. But why do you feel superior to me and think it’s okay to tell  me how I should live my life. I know the world is frizzed up. I know that, if I could change that, I would. Anyone would.

I get your frustrations about the unfairness of this world and hearing you say you’re a social entrepreneur or whatever you called yourself, doesn’t mean you’re better than me. Especially the fact you entered the shop asking about one of the newest and priciest phones on the market. And not because you NEED a new phone. But WANT a new phone. You talk about how money should not be important and that love is the most important thing ever. But you’re probably forgetting the fact that the world we now live in, revolves about the dollar or every other currency. Plus, you know you have to pay that phone with money and not with love. Nowadays, we don’t trade a piece of bread for a glass of wine. We change the euro’s for some water. Let’s be honest and maybe think out of the box. We often see that poorer people are capable of more loving than people that actually have money. Still they are poor when it comes to the first needs in life, like a roof or even some water. 

So, Mr. X, you know how you would have really impressed me? I would be so impressed if you would conclude your preaching with: And that’s why I don’t need and want a phone. I would be impressed if you said that you did not want to fuel the money bank that’s behind the electronics market. I would be so frizzing impressed if you would use letters to communicate and thus create sustainable jobs. I would be so f-ing impressed if you actually did you what you preached. And I mostly I would be so impressed, If you were not being the biggest hypocrite I have ever met. 




I’m looking at my screen. Just looking at the screen of my laptop. My head is empty while the screen is full of letters, words and sentences. I know I need to read it, but my mind is just blank. I’m just staring at my screen.

Occasionally I move my cursor. Otherwise the screen will go into standby-modus and that will be the proof that I am doing nothing. After that, I keep staring at my screen.

I keep staring till it all becomes a blur and I need to blink a couple of times. Sigh. I need to actually READ what’s on the damn screen. My mind starts working again. I am leaving my personal stand-by modus. Okay Charlie, Focus.

I start reading the black letters on the white screen. I’m starting to see an article here. These letters make words, words make sentences, sentences make paragraphs and paragraphs make articles. Hmmm Interesting.

I feel my hands moving towards the keyboard. Hoping they will start typing something academic and relevant. My fingers are typing the following letters: wordpress.com. And here I am..

Charlie in the City. 
Charlie on WordPress.com
Charlie should be on eur.nl
Charlie needs to stop typing
Charlie needs to starts reading

Charlie is procrastinating

I’m such a bad blogger


Like seriously.. Who owns a blog and doesn’t post anything? I mean.. My last post was on November 12, 2014. It’s February 12, 2015 already!!

Dear lord.

And you know the worst thing? I don’t even really know why.. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t have any inspiration at all.. on the contrary. The past few months had enough moments to talk about. In my mind I was writing blogs all day, err day. But the words didn’t reach my fingers and thus didn’t reach the paper. Or screen in this case.

So, what happened in my life from November 12, 2014 ’till now?

-I worked a lot. Made money. So much money that I reached the next point:

-I bought a car! She is a little Peugeot 106 from 1999. Blue and sportive. Her name is Elsa! (Frozen: best movie evahhh…) Just like the princes Elsa, she isn’t bothered by snow or anything else that has to do with the cold.. My blue baby <3. Totally funny when I told some friends about ‘expanding our little family’, they did not expect it to be a car… dah.

– I had the best Halloween EVAH! Ohmygosh.. Me and the girls were dressed as Disney figures gone bad.. We had a Snow white, Pocahontas, Esmeralda and I was Minnie Mouse. Oh god, we had so much fun while painting each other with some red paint (blood), drinking and just getting hyped up for the party. Oh men, I can’t even explain how much fun it was.

– I attended a casting! With hair, make-up, lighting, photo shoot and everything. It was for the company I work for.. for already 7 years.. dear lord! They were looking for new faces on the flyers, website and advertisements. So, I thought it was funny and told everyone to apply, but wasn’t planning on doing so myself. And then I was like: Yeah, why not? It could be funny. So I sent in a nice picture and some story about how amazing my face would be on some marketing material. Got an email back with an invitation for the casting day. My inner model was born. Until the day actually came. Man, I could have been shitting bricks, I was that nervous. So nervous that I some point I couldn’t even smile normally anymore. My mouth would start trembling whenever they told me to smile again. But then again, It was amazingly fun to do!

– And then I received another email: I was selected as one of the four faces of the company! It was time for another photo shoot! And hello to my face on your doormat in between your mail. Hello to my face on the little contract folder we hand out and hello to my face on the cover of the metro newspaper! Totally awkward.. But fun as well! I channeled my inner Victoria Secret smile and enjoyed the pulling on my clothes and hair. Make up brush in my face in between shots and especially the free lunch!

– My best friend G got engaged! OHMYGOOOOOOODDD!! This is like the first sign I am actually growing up. She is writing a blog about her preparations for her best day of her life.. Check it out on https://verliefdverloofdgetrouwd.wordpress.com (It’s in dutch though… ). It’s a funny story, but I will probably tell you guys about that in another blog. (Another reason to write one! Yeaaahhh)

– For the first time in years, I spent New Years Eve at home! Well, it wasn’t my home. And yes I was at a party. But still, this time I celebrated it only with my friends (and some friends of friends). It was sooo much fun. Of course I ended up black girl wasted. But you know how those things work. Some times you just have to drink a glass of champagne. Or 2. Or 20. Who cares. It was the beginning of 2015. The year that I will turn 25! OMG..

– I decided that 2015 would be the year of me travelling more. I love travelling. But the last years, I didn’t do it a lot. Don’t actually know why.. in 2012 I travelled to Turkey, Austria, Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona again. In 2013 I only went to Curacao. Which was okay because I spent a shitload of money on that trip. And 2014, I only crossed the north sea to London. Which was amazingly fun! But.. I missed being on an airplane.

– So, last week, N and I just went to Torino (Italy) for 3 days. I just love Ryanair. I paid €46,- for two return tickets! The city is really pretty and the food is even better. Oh my.. just writing this I wish I could go back in time and take a first bite of my pizza again. Or my wine out of a little cart-board box. the wine.. oh my..  I could write a whole book about my love for wine. Another reason for a new blog!!

– Last Monday, N and I went to a fancy ass hotel in Groningen (North of the Netherlands). It was like you stepped into the room of a Disney princess. Fluffy bed with a thousand pillows. The champagne was ready to be popped with some cheesy snacks next to it. And a big jacuzzi, ready for some bubbles. Oh man, It was like heaven. We both weren’t able to get out of that room.. I miss it already. Booohooo..

– And last but not least: I’m starting school tomorrow. Again. Crap. Fuck. Oops. I mean Frizz. Whatever. You know what I mean. I have to put my brains back to work. My ass back to flattening chairs. And from Netflix to studying. Wish me luck.


So, this is just a little part of what I was up to these past months. I promise. I REALLY promise. No wait.. I PINKY promise to start writing more.. hihihi Even if you guys don’t want to 😛






It was around the end of October that I was diagnosed with a disorder. From that day on, I would go through life being a SHOPAHOLIC. You know, that compulsive disorder that empties your bank account and adds up on your credit card bill. The disorder that makes you one with shops, online shops and sale.The disorder that makes you want everything you see and actually buy it as well.


It started pretty harmless. I just liked to buy clothes. Especially those on sale. Sale was my favorite word and i used it daily. G and I were always texting each other about the sales on various webshops. Everyday, I received at least 5 emails from different shops with the latest additions to their collection or new sales announcements. And I read them all. Piece by piece, I read them and I was lured onto their webshop like a bee on honey.

It was my drug.

I didn’t care about the money, because I am working kinda full-time, so I had the resources. Because I was (and still am) working a lot, I felt like I could treat myself to nice things. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you start spending €50 euros on Friday to place another order of €75 euros on Monday, there’s something wrong.

This wasn’t me. I used to be very cautious spending money on clothes.. So, I told myself: I cannot buy anything I don’t need for at least a month.

Tuesday, I had to buy a plain white t-shirt, since I don’t have one and I need it for today. There’s no way around it, I need to wear a white t-shirt today. So, I decided to go to H&M as they have €5,- shirts. I decided to go to the new and big H&M in the centre of Rotterdam.

At first, I walked straight up to the basic white t-shirts. It could have been easy to just walk to the counter with it and pay. But I wanted to challenge myself. I told myself: Charlie, you’re going to walk through the whole store. Look at every item. You might think it beautiful, amazing and awesome. BUT you are NOT buying anything.

And that’s what I did.

I walked through the store. There wasn’t an item that I didn’t see or touch. Over and over again I fell in love with clothes, shoes and accessories. But do I really need them?!

At the end, I only purchased the thing I needed. My basis plain white €5,- t-shirt!! It doesn’t look like much, but for me it is a step into the right direction.

I just realized: I don’t need more clothes… I need a new closet…

Just one word: Period.

Me ‘Tonight, I’m not gonna study, but I’m gonna work on the magazine.. ‘. N: ‘Okay’ and I saw the twinkle in his eye. It was like his brain told him: ‘Just one more episode of Suits and then the Xbox is ours again’. The episode of Suits ended, but I wasn’t ready. Without thinking N turned off Netflix and I was just sitting there like someone put me under a cold shower. ‘Baby, does this mean we’re not going to watch another episode?’ N responded (kinda wisely though) ‘you were going to work on the magazine, right?’

The following events might be familiar for every guy living together with a girl

Me: ‘I did NOT say WHEN I was going to work on that thing. I don’t think it is very nice to just THINK that I was going to work on it now. Why are you making those decisions for me? urgh.. I want to watch another episode of SUITS! and you just want me to work on the magazine so that YOU can play on the stupid XBOX again!! I am not going to work on the magazine right now, I want to watch another episode of suits’. N just looked at me and probably thought: ‘Holy Shit, What the Frizz just happened?! What did I do wrong?! Oh dear lord.. ‘

So, what happened? Let’s play a multiple choice game:

a) I’m a bitch
b) I’m hungry
c) I’m on my period

Even though the first two answers do occur very often. Today was not the day. No. Girls know. Yes, it’s my favorite week of the month. The week that Edward (twilight) would have to stay away from me. The week in which my body and mind do not cooperate well. The week of terror. The week of no white pants. The week that tells me there’s no mini Charlie on the way. Yes, it’s period time! yay..

Which means:

My Outfit..Period Clothes

My life decisions that week

What I actually thinkgirls-on-their-perio_1355910458_epiclolcom

What I say


Yes, that’s the reality of that awesome phenomenon called menstruation. It’s not like the advertisements for pads and tampons show us. No, we don’t go running around in the park with our arms flowing like birds, as if we are happy and free. No, what we really are is unhappy and totally not free. Not free, you say? No, your uterus has made you her bitch. If she says: ‘Toilet!’, you run towards that toilet as if it’s the last thing you need to do. If she screams ‘tampons’, that the first thing you do, even after breathing.

For 5 days, your body is in charge. It doesn’t even matter what your mind has to say, your body is the one that calls the shots. For example: your mind says ‘I really want to work out, cause summers around the corner and I need to look amazeballs on the beach’. Body: ‘I think you need to lie down, cause you have cramps. and you need chocolate. and a movie. and more unhealthy snacks’. So, what do you do?

I know, I know, some girls just read this and think ‘Well, I don’t experience my period like that.. that’s soo exaggerated. ugh, I hate it when people talk about periods like that, cause that’s not how it is’. Well, for those girls: Frizz you and you might thank your body for not doing this to you. Cherish that sweet uterus..

And some guys would probably read this and think: ‘oh, so it’s normal that my girlfriend turns into a complete Godzilla behaving bitch when she’s on her period?’ Euh, well not exactly. See, all girlfriends do love their boyfriend. We really do. But when our uterus is redecorating her walls (for the people who just don’t get this.. Read it here) and doing this without thinking about the neighbours in the building, we are NOT happy. Think of it as.. Being on an amazing holiday when you find out your allergic to the sea.. something like that. How would you feel about that? Kind bummed isn’t it..

BUT, let us not forget the purpose of this period. It’s mother natures way of telling us: you’re net preggers, mamacita!!

Let the countdown begin. 4 more days to go. Do you feel sorry for N? Don’t be. He knows I love him more than I love food (and that’s quite a lot). He has his awesome Xbox and I need his hugs. And I need to be nice though.. cause, who’s going to buy me tampons when I’m dying inside? Yes, N, cause a real man buys those things for the woman he truly loves.

ps. do you like a funny video? Watch this one about a girl and faking her period.. hihi

Personal space


It’s something we all have, but might not be acknowledged by others. The space around you, that should be people free, unless you want them to be closer. It might be a few centimeters, but we all know that just a few centimeters can have a huge impact. Just saying…

You know, I like people. I consider myself to be a people’s person. But I’m a human as well.. Sometimes I walk around with a face like a slapped ass and mentally I’m flipping people off. Frizz you, frizz you, frizz you.. Especially you.. Frizz you.. You’re okay.. Frizz you.. Etc

Especially people who come into my personal zone. That moment when people just take a step to far and enter your personal zone. I always give them the look. It’s a look that says: ‘I also like to live dangerously, but you’re messing with the wrong lady!’Personal space

Clearly it works. Cause last time when something poked me in the back I was like Woah woah woah! Totally thinking it was something else, I turned around to see it was a woman who quickly said: ooh I’m so sorry. Well, it can happen. This time. Never again.

So, I totally try not to enter people’s personal zone without permission. Sometimes it happens. Like when you walk through a crowded train with a suitcase. Yeah, your ass will probably have contact with someones face. Which isn’t that bad when it’s your ass. But when it’s your face, you’ll be like: what if he just farted?! Yikes

The only personal space I enter without permission is N’s. In bed, he doesn’t even have a personal space. Like a snake curls around a tree, I take over his personal space. I own his personal space. I become his personal space. Until I fall asleep and my subconsciousness gives him his personal space back… Yes, I’m a nice person! Subconsciously…

Enjoy the moment

IMG_2500The sun shines and I feel extremely positive today. Last couple of weeks, I have been stressed out and suffered a major writer’s block. But today, I just feel like writing.

A lot of stuff happened since my last blog. My laptop just stopped working. I was stressed out and started crying like a little baby. Afraid that I lost all the files on that thing. It was like I would lose a piece of my life if I had lost every file on it. The last years, I had taken thousand of pictures, describing my life at that moment. All my holidays, the parties, the views, the birth of my little cousin, the beautiful pictures of my little sister and the pictures of the beginning of the relationship of N and me. I was afraid I lost it all.

That was the moment I really hated technology. In the past we had to develop the pictures we took to see how they looked like. Then we stored them in a box or would give them a place in a photo album. Why don’t we do that anymore? Even when we make a photo album, we do it online. We click on the pictures we want to have in it and then the computer composes an album. After that the company will print it and send it to your house. Kind of lazy isn’t it?

What happened to living in the moment? Not taking pictures of everything. Just enjoying it. Trying to take a mental picture.

Don’t take me wrong. I love to take pictures and even an occasional selfie can be found on my phone. There’s a reason I have instagram: I like to share pictures with everyone. Even though pictures do not capture every emotion behind the picture. Still it’s fun to see pictures of other people as well.. See how they enjoy life or the food they made.

Last week, I went skating with my little sister in the woods. It was amazingly beautiful. The sun, the trees, my little sister. The way the sun was shining through the woods and giving it a mysterious feeling even though it was a bright day. The way the sun was going down, shadows that became longer and the beauty that I cannot describe. And the fun my little sister showed. It was like she was in her element, away from technology, away from her phone and Wii. Away from worries and just enjoying the moment.

Of course I tried to capture it in a picture, but honestly I couldn’t. I took a lot of pictures, but the true and honest emotions didn’t come through. The beauty of the nature and the silence it brings. The old couple that joined us on a little bench. The bench that had a beautiful view over the water. The water with his calm stream and sounds. The sounds of the nature around us. And me and my little sister.

The sun makes everything better, at least that’s how it feels. It’s like we see everything brighter because of the sun. More positive. More love. I notice myself being happier when the sun shines. This might have to do something with my vitamin D deficit and thus my need for the sun…But I also think it brings something more positive. Also the need to go outside when the sun shines. Away from the TV, away from the laptop, away from all the crazy technology that makes us want to stay inside. Back to basics.

Enjoy the sun and the moment. Don’t be afraid that you will forget about it if you don’t take a picture. By enjoying the moment to the fullest, the mental picture you take will contain way more memories than a picture ever could.

The Little Things in life

de-kikker-van-zen-5890990First month of the year has passed. And I feel great. Sober for a month and I didn’t miss it at all. Okay, only one time when G and I went out for dinner and it was kinda fancy with the pretty wine glasses on the table. It was time to order drinks and I almost said ‘your finest and most expensive wine please’. But then I remembered that I was busy with JuicyJanuary and I don’t have enough money to buy the most expensive wine.

JuicyJanuary wasn’t only about detoxing my liver and shocking my bloodstream by going a month without alcohol. It was much more. It was actually a month in which I got in touch with me, myself and I. Like a cleanser for the body and mind. This became the month that I searched for methods to be zen. I needed to clear my mind, cause my mind used to be as busy as Times Square on New Years Eve. Chaos, mayhem! Not that it’s bad, but I just couldn’t relax. I was always busy. Appointment here, dinner date there. And where was the me time? No where to be found. 

I don’t think that there has been any other period (except my baby period) in which I lived in my PJ pants and bathrobe that much. It was like my uniform. I would wake up, wander around the house, make healthy food, go to the gym, shower, put my PJ’s back on, watch The Carrie Diaries (my new addiction. It’s soooo awesome) eat again and sleep.

My housebound PJ month taught me to love the little things in life. Things I used to think were necessary became completely irrelevant and habits became something to avoid. Some tips: 

1) You don’t have to have tons of friends, as long as you have a few close ones and your family. That’s enough. I would rather have 1 euro than 20 coins with a value of 5 cents.
2) Taking a bus ride or a walk without listening to music is so relaxing. You get time to think, set your mind straight, empty your mind. Zen
3) Do one thing at a time. If you’re reading a book, read a book. Don’t cook, dance or other things next to it.
4) Relax, sit and breathe deep and controllably. Close your eyes while doing it (might look weird but frizz it). You will feel relaxed instantly.
5) Dont worry about the way others perceive you. That’s their problem. If you love yourself, that’s the thing you should focus on.
6) Eating healthier brings fun into your life. Dont get me wrong, I love me some KFC  chicken and MacDonald’s fries, but I have so much fun coming up with smoothie combinations,  cutting vegetables for dinner, grocery shopping for fruit and searching for recipes on the internet!

Little things, but they helped me a lot!